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Answer: Sometime in the s, in a cave in Egypt, a copy of the “Gospel of Judas” was discovered. The circumstances of the discovery have been described as. THE GOSPEL OF JUDAS. Translated by. Rodolphe Kasser, Marvin Meyer, and Gregor Wurst, in collaboration with François Gaudard. INTRODUCTION: INCIPIT. Directed by James Barrat. With Bahran Aloui, Taoufic Bahri, Monc Ed Becheikh, Omar Bey. One of the most significant discoveries of the twentieth century is.


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DeConicka professor of Biblical studies at Rice Universityopines in an op-ed in The New York Times that the National Geographic translation was critically faulty in many substantial the gospel of judas, and that based on a corrected translation, Judas was actually a demon, truly betraying Jesus, rather than following his orders.

What the Gospel of Judas Really Says to assert that Judas was not a daimon in the Greek sense, but that "the universally accepted word the gospel of judas 'spirit' is 'pneuma' — in Gnostic literature 'daimon' is always taken to mean 'demon'".

DeConick raises about translation choices are addressed in footnotes in both the popular and critical editions". The first modern publication the gospel of judas the gospel contended that the text portrays Judas in a positive light, [9] while other scholars have asserted that Judas is presented negatively.

Gospel Of Judas

Roberty went on to suggest that the Vatican probably had another copy locked away, saying: The other gospels were banned. It is highly logical that the Catholic Church would have kept a copy of the forbidden gospels.


Sadly, the Vatican does not want to clarify further. Their policy has been the the gospel of judas for years — "No further comment".

While the contents of one part of the Vatican library have been catalogued and have long been available to researchers and scholars, the remainder of the library is, however, without the gospel of judas public catalogue, and though researchers may view any work within, they must first name the text they require, a serious problem for those who do not know what is contained by the library.

Gospel of Judas - Wikipedia

The Pope responded on April 13, The Vatican, by word of Pope Benedict XVI, grants the recently surfaced Judas' Gospel no credit with regards to its apocryphal claims that Judas betrayed Jesus in compliance with the latter's the gospel of judas requests.

According to the Pope, Judas freely chose to betray Jesus: He was a greedy man: Williams, Dean of Theology at the Regina Apostolorum university in Rome, when asked, "Is the gospel of judas true that the Catholic Church has tried to cover up this text and other apocryphal texts?


You can go to any Catholic bookstore and pick up a copy of the Gnostic gospels. Christians may not believe them to be true, but there is no attempt to hide them.

Truth Behind Gospel of Judas Revealed in Ancient Inks

In the accepted biblical version of the tale, Judas betrays Jesus for 30 pieces of silver. As part of a National Geographic Society the Society investigation of the gospel of judas document, microscopist Joseph Barabe of McCrone Associates in Illinois and a team of researchers analyzed the ink on the tattered gospel to find out if it was real or forged.

Some of the chemicals in the ink raised red flags — until Barabe and his colleagues found, at the Louvre Museum, a study of Egyptian documents from the third century A. The Gospel of Judas' odd ink suddenly fit into place.


Ancient Egypt Barabe and his colleagues specialize in thorough investigations of old — or supposedly old — documents and artwork. The chemical composition of inks used can reveal the difference between something authentically ancient and a forgery.

Lift up your eyes and look at the cloud and the light within it and the stars surrounding it. The star that leads the way is your star.

He is said to have died by hanging himself in the Gospel of Matthew, Matthew He writes there are some who: They declare that Judas the traitor was thoroughly acquainted with these things, and that he alone, knowing the truth as no others did, accomplished the mystery of the betrayal; by him all things, both earthly and heavenly, were thus thrown into confusion.

They produce a fictional history of this the gospel of judas, which they style the Gospel of Judas. Irenaeus, "Doctrine of the Cainites" [6] This is in reference to the Cainites, an alleged sect of Gnosticism that especially worshipped Cain as a hero.

Irenaeus alleged that the Cainites, like a large number of Gnostic groups, were semi-maltheists believing that the god of the Old Testament— Yahweh —was evil, and the gospel of judas quite different and much lesser being to the deity that had created the universe, and who was responsible for sending Jesus.