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What we do is convert our blank generic product photography shots into Photoshop Cover Actions. How about blank paperback book templates that generate a fully editable multi-layered graphic PSD file? Our Blank Magazine PSD cover action templates are also available for download. Photoshop actions are quite useful and save the time so we have here a hundred of beautiful free UI Tips For Web Design Enthusiasts [Free eBook]. Actions and presets make it easy to quickly apply a certain effect, or to perform certain steps in the editing process. Of course, you can buy collections of Photoshop actions or create your own, but there are The Lightroom Mastery eBook.


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Bloggers and Internet Marketers often need E-book cover for their Products. Design Professional Book cover 1. So, let get started.

These free Ebook Cover Photoshop Actions are designed to help you create ebook covers as quickly and as ebook action photoshop as possible.

Download 3 photoshop actions from here.

How To Design eBook Cover In 2 Easy Steps : Photoshop Tutorial

This is ZIP file and when you will unzip it you will get following three photoshop action files: After downloading the actions, select your design that you want for your eBook. Media Players Clearly communicate to your prospects that your content or product is in a multimedia format by making a player graphic for each module or section.

Boxes ebook action photoshop make an impression of tangibility in your prospects eyes and they create an identity for your product. We have you covered with 50 pre-made cover templates that you wont find anywhere else.

ebook action photoshop

Best Free Ebook Cover Photoshop Actions – Neo Design

Ok so, First we will change the background, go to the Layer Panel and you will see the Background layer but it will be locked, so to unlock double click on that layer.

Change the Foreground and background color to ffffff ebook action photoshop d6d6d6 respectively.


And then double click on the Background layer to open the Blending options and select Gradient overlay then select the first gradient.

Let me ask you something Have you ebook action photoshop tried to create your own cover graphics but they just didn't come out right?

Have you ever spent money to have a graphic designer make your product covers for you?

Have you had to wait long periods of ebook action photoshop for your graphics to be delivered, only to end up needing more edits done and having to wait even longer? You're not alone ebook action photoshop its definitely not your fault.

Until recently if you wanted quality cover graphics you had to rely on an outside graphic designer to do them for you.