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If youre a developer looking to supplement your own data tools and services, this concise ebook covers the most useful sources of public data available today. Data Source Handbook has 12 ratings and 3 reviews. Louis said: While this bills itself as covering 'the most useful sources of public data available toda. Booktopia has Data Source Handbook, A Guide to Public Data by Pete Warden. Buy a discounted Paperback of Data Source Handbook online from Australia's.


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Endpoints might change Best Uses: Intermediate, Novice, Student Describe Yourself: As data are collected through the ARS and MWR surveys, quality control procedures ensure that the information collected data source handbook accurate.

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These procedures include followup of all nonrespondents and validation of all edit failures, which are incorporated into the design of the QCEW.

Edit failures occur when State systems kick back data source handbook discrepancy in the data and state staff must resolve or bypass the discrepancy manually before the data can be saved.

Data Source Handbook - O'Reilly Media

data source handbook The states and the BLS regional offices also receive both training in industry coding and procedural assistance in conducting the survey. Regional offices conduct yearly quality assurance reviews in each state that is under their jurisdiction.

States and regional offices receive training specifically in areas of industry coding and survey procedures data source handbook order to promote consistency within the states.

Consistency ensures that all states code industries in a similar manner. The procedural assistance that states and regional offices receive is in the area of how to administer the survey.

Data Source Handbook [Book]

Included are protocols for suggestions on how to increase response rates for example, certain telephone guidelines may be issued regarding the most effective way to turn a refusal into compliance and how to maintain quality assurance how to deal with edit failures and why edit failures occur.

There is an auto check for respondents who data source handbook the MWR online. If wages are too high or too low, or if employment has changed drastically from the previous month or quarter, then the system asks the respondents, in real time, the reason for the change. Other, similar auto checks are in place in the state systems when the respondent enters data.

MWR respondents are unable to save the data unless the checks are overridden or amended.

Industries that are hard to measure or reach have specific protocols in place as well. Guidelines are given to states for the most effective ways to reach companies in such industries and, once contact is made, how to ask them for their information most effectively.

I was interested in the Data Source Handbook because many data source handbook my models require a range of setting specific data as well as data that is available publicly, if I can get it an put it into a useable form.


And looking at it, it provides many examples of data source handbook data sources. But these are all fairly specific as presented, so I'd probably end up having to search to find out if what I want is actually available.

However, as an eBook it is ideal and I would recommend it to anyone new to the area of adata data source handbook looking for some great sample data to access, or to the more seasoned data traveller looking to keep their familiarity with the wide variety of available data current.